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I dumped her on the bed and lowered my head between the openings of her pussy. Why do I smile? More married sex stories you might enjoy. She turned to face me, reached for my hand and slapped it on her ass; who was I to turn down such an offer. When I got back, my wife and the car salesman were obviously getting along very well. Copyright Juicy Sex Stories -

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As we waited, Justin suddenly let go of her seat belt and turned to kiss me.

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Husband Turned on by Storytime

He immediately opened the back door to the SUV and put the seat down. John loves it when I tell him a sex story from my past or tell him a sex fantasy while I lay next to him and play with his dick. I am 36 and have been married with Martin for 11 years. I squeezed my eyes and groaned through gritted teeth and I went slamming into her harder and faster till eventually the sharpness rose to a hair trigger. A few times he made me stop playing with him because he was about to explode. I had my hands tucked under her shoulder, pinning her down with my weight as she too had her legs crossed over the back of my thighs while my hips and ass went up and down, fucking her hard, when I felt a sudden sharpness rising at the tip of my cock. Our sex life was good, but with three kids and the hustle of life sex simply did not have the spark that it did in the beginning.

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erotic literature husband wife
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erotic literature husband wife
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