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Donner has always been intrigued by the position of women in Scandinavian life, although from an Ethical Rather than a sociological standpoint. While pondering whether or not to commit suicide, Famed crime photographer Arthur Fellig, nicknamed Mr. A rich swinging bachelor and his married friend escape to the country to avoid the women plaguing their lives. Suffering a thump on the head, Harold has bizarre hallucinations and ends up being chased around a forest by shapely girls. A group of lesbians find the man, tie him to a tree, then partake in an incredible deed. Lili Carati--need I say more? Sweet Trash - John Hayes.

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This film was inspired by an actual incident in which a missing woman's car was discovered on the side of the road, but the woman was never found.

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Naturally, this doesn't sit well with the older women, or with her husband although the latter can't say much about it since he has just paid the man to have sex with his wife while he watches. Lovestruck, he follows the store window dummy across the Atlantic and tracks "her" to London, England, then meets up with a beautiful ghost in a haunted house and finally winds up in Paris, where he meets other beautiful women and ends up being chased onto the Eiffel Tower. Since I am suffering from a strange fetish for barely legal Italian starlets from the 's well, maybe not "suffering". His crazy misadventures are documented and the result is a nutty pseudo-documentary sex-romp. Wee Gee - Sherman Price.

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