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Skin-related causes of itchy anus include:. They can provide the same treatments you would get from a GP. Never stop taking a prescribed medication unless advised to do so by your GP or other qualified healthcare professional responsible for your care. As well as keeping your bottom clean and dry, there are a number of other self-care measures you can undertake. Speak to your GP immediately if your itchy bottom gets worse after using topical corticosteroids.

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Bope ET, et al.

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Itchy bottom

They can provide the same treatments you would get from a GP. In most cases, a person with anal itch does not have a disease of the anus or rectum. If it lasts for longer, you might be able to get an idea of the cause from any other symptoms you have. Certain foods are also linked with itchy anus. We explain what you need to know about its causes and how it's diagnosed. While waiting for the above self-care measures to take effect, your GP may prescribe medication to help ease your itchy bottom. Including more fibre in your diet will make your stools softer and easier to pass.

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anal itching blood
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anal itching blood
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