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The next day, the supervising producer and director step out from behind the camera to call Ruthie in for a private meeting. Ruthie claims she doesn't even remember the smooching. Colin is at a loss for words when Amaya asks him to be nicer to her. She turns him down and takes her friends on a drunken joy ride instead. The next morning, the roommates question Amaya's actions while Colin coldly says goodbye to Tony. You need the forgettable-but-likables! After arguing and then asking nicely, Colin allows Amaya into the Bay Room, occupying the top bunk.

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I know this is a controversial pick, but I seriously lapped up everything about Amaya, including her annoying crush on Colin, her utter lack of common ground with Kaia and Ruthie, and her actually very funny sense of humor.

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Real world cast members nude

Acting surprised, Justin wonders why Colin is acting so strange. Teck delivers an impromptu beat box, as one of the kids busts out with his version of street dancing. Her drunk driving cannot be tolerated so they require that she start seeing an addiction specialist. Colin feels that Justin's prejudice against the heterosexual males in the house is the real problem. Just months after her show debuted on E! Empowered, Amaya confronts Kaia, admitting she is guilty, but no more than any other roommate.

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