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She is blonde and her nipples covered with black tape. Society especially here in America puts so much stress on the nude body or certain body parts being sexual in nature. You know, "Oh she has she really weird nipples", "Her nipples are really big", things like that, little insecurity. You could also by pushing against your nipple, push up your boobs. Responder 1 I have wondered this same thing! Men have nipples and we don't cover ours up. She doesn't have time for that.

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That is why there are so many magazines showing girls topless but their nipples are covered and it's there on the magazine rack for any little kid to see.

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That picture can only be shown in certain adult-only places. I think in general they feel nipples are more sexual than rest of boob. Beautiful slim woman covering herself. Female with small breasts covering her nipples with fingers. Please have an educated answer. I'm not a pervert and I'm not trying to start a negative convo. I've always wondered why, guys have nipples too!

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naked girls covering there nippels
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naked girls covering there nippels
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  1. I actually had a file with her movies but didn't put her name with her face. Her body is NICE in this video, she looks great in [and out] of that outfit.