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Indeed when I have questioned some same sex female partners they always emphasize how they understand each other much better than a man could ever do. In this scenario there is definitely a power factor where the experienced girl gets a sense of power from corrupting or at least bringing the less experienced girl to their level. Basically a tom boy is a female who exhibits masculine characteristics rather than feminine and this includes a sexual orientation towards females. This is almost like a backlash against men and a suppression of heterosexual desires. I have heard many lesbians apply this same logic as they argue only a woman can truly understand a woman and therefore only a woman can truly satisfy another woman.

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So far I have given examples of how the lesbian or bisexual behavior is seen as being natural and accepted but there is also an element of taboo that surrounds it.

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The feeling of doing something taboo or just slightly naughty appeals to the teenage sense of rebellion that seems to be an integral part of all teenagers throughout the world. As in most aspects of life there is the inevitable factor of money. As male mongerers many of us are quite partial to a lesbian experience in fact I know many guys who specifically seek it out and consider it a turn on. In the Philippine bar culture there seems to be various degrees of lesbianism. One effective way to relieve this loneliness is to develop a friendship or a sexual relationship with another girl working in the bar. The comfort level is further increased by the fact that because both partners are the same sex they can more easily understand and empathize with the feelings and emotions each is experiencing and they can understand the problems that one or both may be experiencing. In the Philippines the incidents of rape and molestation are alarmingly high and a large percentage of this is from relatives.

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filipina lesbian bar girl
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filipina lesbian bar girl
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