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Thing is, even though my mother took me to church regularly, I still wasn't quite sure what she meant. The kids start to realize the uniqueness of a redhead. Or "here try this brand" Still doesn't work: I stood out from my classmates. This is used to prevent bots and spam. Then people talk like it was joke don't take it offensively. I think your hanging out with the wrong crowd is part of the problem half of redheads arent Catholic maybe change his surroundings also most african Americans best friends are redheads so where in the world is this boy hanging out in dry catholic city?

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They tried to put the little redhead in a cage" .

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Fact or fiction?

It's not just an urban legend. Also thank goodness having red hair is not common, good thing as it is ugly. God made us all beautiful in a special way. Of all the natural red heads that I know, none of them were ever bullied or picked on. I don't know what that means but whadda ya say you and I step outside, Tots?

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would you spit on a redhead
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would you spit on a redhead
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3 thoughts on “Would you spit on a redhead

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