Alternate future scenarios for global domination

They claim that understanding potential scenarios helps individuals and organizations prepare with flexibility. Within Conventional Worlds, the Reference variant incorporates mid-range population and development projections and typical technological change assumptions. Archived from the original on We then assessed portfolio performance based on the number of species for which representation targets were met in each scenario. In her words, "a novelist's business is lying". Several corporations, particularly those with long product development lifecycles, utilize foresight and future studies products and practitioners in the development of their business strategies.

In futures research "weak signals" may be understood as advanced, noisy and socially situated indicators of change in trends and systems that constitute raw informational material for enabling anticipatory action.

Futures studies

From this havoc would ultimately emerge a world of peace and plenty, controlled by competent technocrats. For Manic Street Preachers album, see Futurology album. Barbarization scenarios envision the grim possibility that the social, economic, and moral underpinnings of civilization deteriorate, as emerging problems overwhelm the coping capacity of both markets and policy reforms. This paper provides a preliminary assessment of the potential to expand the application to all agricultural industries and to broaden the range of data used to inform the five capitals in the framework. Wikibooks has a book on the topic of: It provides a pragmatic tool for policy agencies to prioritise capacity building towards the land managers in industries and regions most likely to benefit. Societies, like individuals, can become addicted to patterns of detrimental and unsustainable behavior.

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