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Go on a vacation somewhere warm together A recent study of 31 million people concluded that your sex life improves when you go on vacation. During foreplay especially, use the swirl technique to keep her nerve endings guessing swirling your hands around lightly in an unpredictable, non-linear way over the whole body. How often do you want to have sex? In my opinion, morning sex is often some of the best sex. Or, are you just looking for a general boost down there? Once you know what it is you want from your sex life, communicate those insights and desires with your partner.

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Ask them what those things are and then help them to see the beauty of those things by lavishing genuine praise on those things.

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50 Powerful Sex Tips For Men

Low Testosterone After Cancer. Just kiss sometimes Remember when you were in high school and you would make out for hours, and that would be the whole point? Let your breath and lips do most of the work to begin with and simply graze her skin. While more research is needed to have this tip be super definitive for humans, preliminary studies are promising. Practice the technique in order to build your sexual stamina The Technique is a phrase that I coined regarding the most effective way to masturbate in order to help you last longer in bed. A spoiling session is a magical, sexy, multi-purpose exercise that allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your own sexual needs and the sexual needs of your partner, while simultaneously reconnecting you as a couple and melting away the subtle shame and resistance that each partner may or may not have towards sex in general. Or, use this article as a starting point in becoming a sexually masterful man when it comes to oral sex.

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sex tips for guys
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sex tips for guys
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