Answers yahoo okay to be chubby

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It is so frustrating and limiting. That being said, I am not going to encourage anyone who is obese, ignores physical exercise and doesn't eat healthy. You can lose weight from eating salad right? I have a new sympathy for drug addicts trying to get clean. In fact I've been the one loving too much, thinking about how the others feels, trying to understand them.

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Partitioning the distribution shown in Figure 2 by question type, we find that the same bimodal distribution remains for users who asked about low weight categories, but that only the right-handed peak was evident for users who asked about high weight categories.

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Do I look fat? (pics included) 10 points best answer!!?

I won't bother with the details because no one really cares, besides it's all about personal stuff that won't relate to anyone. And then if you don't like the picture e. I know that's making excuses, but it really is discouraging when people treat you as it's as easy as choosing not to stuff your face 6 times a day. And what's really horrible: It's spending more money than necessary on clothes, shoes, and make up trying to make up for insecurities. The weight packed on and on and on anyway, because I was naturally disinclined to be active and more drawn to food.

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