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In the above file, the position is 0,0 and the size is 1x1. Consists of 3 bytes per color, a byte for red, green, and blue, respectively. From there, I took it a step further, because the standard never says you have to actually set any pixels in the image, I removed the LZW encoded image data. Ryu and Teepo, after having to fight several ghosts of McNeil's past relatives, joins up with Rei and get the money and spread it to the villagers. Glausand so Ryu and Teepo head off after him and meet up in an old hut on the mountain.

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Ryu wakes up in Bunyan's house and despite Bunyan saying he found no one else, he heads off to Wyndia to see if Rei and Teepo headed the same direction.

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Ryu (Breath of Fire III)

Eventually the team discovers Dragnier. In doing so however they cause Ryu to transform back into the Dragon Whelp again, and the two get the idea to turn him over to the King of Wyndia in hopes of presenting Ryu as an evil threat to get a reward. In our file, the first color is white an the second color is black. He takes him home way out in the middle of the woods where Teepo also lives and they head to McNeil Village to get Ryu some clothes. Probably Programming It's what I'm doing.

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