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She gets up and makes her way to Jim's desk. And it really pisses her off that he's pissed. First time he's been at her desk in weeks and this is not the situation she wished for to bring him over. She leans down and pushes Pam's legs apart until she's between them. She opens her mouth to say something when Karen pulls back for a second, only to be silenced once more, this time by Karen's tongue sliding into her mouth. You know, just so I could be ready.

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Then there's only silence in the stairwell because Karen has Pam pressed up against the wall and her lips are covering hers.

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8 Times TV’s Sweetest Girl Next Door, Jenna Fischer, Showed Off Her Wild Side

Pam finds Jim's hand and holds it in her own, giving it a tight squeeze. Whatever he said, you must have had a spectacular response. She leans against it like she used to before everything went weird and breaks the silence. She even toys with the idea of stealing her away from him for good. You know, just so I could be ready. And she hated her because she desperately wanted more of Pam. There are few girls out there as pretty and fun as Jenna Fischer.

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