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Can you feel his sperm filling your body? She usually reached five or six orgasms during each feeding session. Most likely, the fungus saw Katie as just another slave since her belly was full of cum. But Leila was not a little girl anymore. She ran to her master and knelt on the mushy mass. Katie was not shy and Carol intended to take advantage of this.

Luckily for me, the human part of Shanna was kind and compasionate enough to subdue her capricious Fae nature.

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Her new master, the fungus, changed everything. You wanted to fuck the podont all by yourself. It extended across the ground for several meters and all its tentacles were longer and thicker. The podont also had enough experience with Carol to know that the next hole was going to be tighter. This was the true meaning of bliss. Could the tentacle pass all the way through her body?! He was standing against the side wall, totally nude and doing nothing.

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