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Is Kari From Mythbusters not the hottest women ever? So you're saying that Buster needs to be made out of depleted uranium. Jamie Hyneman was one of a number of special effects artists who were asked to prepare a casting video for network consideration. Is Santa actually real? The series will feature Savage working with a group of six young scientists. Occasionally the MythBusters will take the opportunity to test "mini myths" during the course of one of the episode's main myths, usually in the name of satisfying personal curiosity.

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The testing resumed several months later, at a rock quarry in a much more remote area.

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Was Kari really naked on mythbusters?

The show aired its final episode on March 6, Sometimes, these mishaps have rendered the test equipment unusable, such as when the rocket in the "Rocket Car Revisit" exploded on ignition. Archived from the original on December 11, I present to you A traveling museum exhibit called "MythBusters:

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