Loose bowels during orgasm

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Sounds like a bad combo of unusually loose stool plus getting too caught up in the moment to realize she ought to go to the restroom before sex. In the hot days I feel burns very severe and painfull but when I wipe there's almost nothing. Is ibs incontence could somebody please tell me. I have suffered for the past 30 years with this. I've had to mess myself on a number of occasions now, and yes it's embarrassing. Why might this be?

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No way to know without asking.

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Sex and The Irritable Bowel

I dealt with this illness everyday but I can honestly say I'm now better at controlling it. It is difficult to know whether to leave home some days as bowel motions may happen with sudden and unpredictable urgency, and be explosive and lava like. It may help if you try to empty your bowels at a specific time every day, for example first thing in the morning or after your evening meal. I'm going to ride it out a bit, and if it doesn't go away in let's say, 2 more weeks then I will go to the Doctor. Related questions I feel a lower right side abdominal pain, could it be my appendix? But when i got home i had a shower and then i went to wash my clothes i couldn't find my underwear. But given that I guess it's happened a couple of times with you, and given that she it sounds like tried to pass it off as "Oh, how did that happen?

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loose bowels during orgasm
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loose bowels during orgasm
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  1. Like a real movie. Best video ever so far. I need to talk to my oldest son!