Ground penetration radar migration

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After collecting the data, the classical space-depth B-scan GPR image is obtained as shown in Figure 7 a from which the unfocused target signatures can be clearly seen. One drawback of the BPA is due to its vulnerability to numerical noise. Although the focusing ability of the algorithm is not as good as the - A and the BPA, the measurement results have showed that focusing success of the HSA also has some merit as it can be seen from the constructed GPR images. Note the different dynamic ranges i. Here, is the mapped version of the original data.

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For the idealistic case, the phase of the scattered signal is directly proportional to the trip time or distance that the EM wave possesses if the propagation medium is homogenous.

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Therefore, this object shows up as a parabolic hyperbola in the space-time GPR image due to different trip distances of the EM wave between the radar and the illuminated scattering object. Therefore, only single FT operation is required at one point when for the focused image. Both the simulated and the measured examples that are used for the performance comparison of the presented algorithms are provided. The instantaneous position of the antenna is defined by a unit vector pointing from the scene center towards this location. In fact, the real data contains infinite number of scatterers with high or low reflectivities under the ground; it seems that the BPA is more sensitive to reflectivity amplitude than the others. Other emerging migration methods are also pointed out.

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ground penetration radar migration
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ground penetration radar migration
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