Grasshopper versus hustler mowers

I didn't really care but built a new house with a nice yard and sprinklers and don't want all the piles now. Grasshopper vs Hustler I just happen to own a Hustler 36" fastrak 15hp Kohler and a d Grashopper with 61" deck and both have their purpose. Ours has hours and figure it will last another 20 years. The downside to the Super Z is that it is not available in smaller deck sizes. I also want it to ride decent mow around 9 acres.

The will really now and I love the ability to hydaulically raise the deck to change blades, etc.

Grasshopper vs Hustler

If you can find a mower to mow faster than it will and still do a good job, you better buy it. I won't buy another Cub Cadet no matter what the deal is. While the three primary brands of zero turn mowers are a great group from which to choose, there are several other brands whose mowers offer great cuts as well. Do you or te wife do most of the mowing? Some articles have YouTube videos embedded in them. With that said, if your only doing cutting with it, i would say go hustler. My uncle runs them commercially and his oldest one has around hours and has never had the drivetrain touched.

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