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Gay and bisexual men's resources. The myth is that bisexuals cannot be faithfully monogamous because of their strong draw to both men and women, but individuals differ. Bisexuality and Monogamy The choice to be monogamous or non-monogamous is made independently of sexual identity. A period of exploration for gay men before they settle down; the 'gay adolescence', is well recognised. All the while, within the current world of sexual relationships, women are also learning self-respect and empowerment. In the current sexual revolution, women are encouraged just as much as men to enjoy the comprehensive satisfaction that sexual activities offer. Some people believe that being bisexual means you must have a clear romantic attraction to both men and women.

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If you are a married woman struggling with bisexuality and are thinking about coming out to your spouse, consider the following guidance:

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Coming To Terms With Bisexuality: Advice For Married Women

Thus, while having a bisexual identity addresses the potential for involvement with more than one sex, engaging in sexual behavior with more than one sex in reality, or fantasy, does not necessarily mean that you are bisexual. Although these pursuits have opened doors for women in regards to sexual creativity and adventure, exploring bisexuality has also been the source of confusion and heartache for many individuals, and couples. This evolution has prompted many women to venture outside of the boundaries which traditional relationships draw and test the waters of bisexuality. Sexual Health Women and Orgasm: Then, the couple can move on to a mutual understanding of what rules the relationship will operate under. Coming to terms with your bisexuality can be difficult.

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