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I train to win, but a lean and defined body in the mirror is a bonus," Wilson-Hardy. Runner accurately predicted her Olympic dreams five years ago. World Junior Records in Swimming: In Women's Health 's September issuethe five Olympians talk openly about their relationships with their bodies, and how their body shapes enable them to play rugby. Hanson also doubled up in some of the shots with her long-time boyfriend fellow swimmer Jared Clarke. Dolfin Swimwear Aquatic Directory: Centre Amy Wilson-Hardy second on left said she always does her hair and make-up before a game because looking feminine helps her feel confident.

It was my brother who pointed out that my build was the very thing that would help me achieve my dreams of playing pro rugby for England," full back Danielle Waterman second on the right told Women's Health.

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The Olympics is the pinnacle for many athletes and to be a part of a unique publication that celebrates Australia's Olympic athletes feels really good and being photographed was certainly liberating, in more ways than one … and it was an honour to be on the cover. Short Course Yards Aquatic Directory: I train to win, but a lean and defined body in the mirror is a bonus," Wilson-Hardy. Klim, a dual gold medalist in Sydney was by no means the lone representative from the swim team. My body is how it is — 5 foot, 8 inches and powerful. We're using cookies to improve your experience. Entertainment Like Follow Follow.

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