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Parents, teachers, relatives, friends, neighbors, strangers all indulged in this ill habit. They grabbed me and made me sit over their lap it was more embarrassing they touched my privates godddd… For next weeks it happened everyday but I started to love them they were treating me weirdly but their love was inexplainable. He started crying very badly and was begging for his clothes. I just fucking hate them. I had thing for going commando in those days. The children around me were laughing and pointing with fingers to something. I took off all your clothes, shirtspants everything and drag you outside naked and spank you ,punish you in front of everybody.

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That night my mother was furious.

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This punishment was not for small crime though and usually administrated by mom or aunts. It's startling for a couple of seconds but if it's integral to the scene you don't really pay attention to the nudity in any sense other than as an observer watching the drama unfold. Now come to what i have witnessed. So, yes I had been subjected to such strip punishment. Well all these happened for bit longer than usual, I was on her lap for like 30 to 40 min, and whole household who was present at the time, including cousins and siblings saw me sitting nude over her lap. One time I went out to see and saw a boy totally naked standing outside of his class holding ears while anybody can see him. Good clip really enjoyed it thanks for posting.

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