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I was the only person in the room, and I had my own shower. One day looking for more soap, I strike gold. I was 27, it was WAY past time. We were far from home, so the church had us stay in the convent while we were there. I'm glad to take the medicine because wanting to die isn't a great way to live, but one of the side effects is that my libido isn't that strong. I was in so much pain the first time I went at it, I was rubbing my blue watermelon blood sack against a blanket. As far as sex acts go, masturbating seems relatively innocent.

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I got a towel to wipe everything off, put the vibrator back and made a note to self to make sure to have a towel on hand literally next time.

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Women share great stories of ‘accidental orgasms’ (16 Photos)

Not really but I was very happy to find that girls could masturbate. My arms would start to get tired, which is when it started to feel good. She has really nice boobs. I do a lot of concentric circles around my clit and I pivot my hips back and forth a lot too. This was before smartphones so I had to go old school and imagine stuff in my head. So, I started poking around under the floral covers, and the moment I started to get somewhere, my grandma walked in. I remember them as being in one piece, I guess I folded them around my dick.

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fun orgasm stories
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fun orgasm stories
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