How to get your girlfriend to have anal sex

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Quora UserMany women never had pleasant anal sex until they met me true story. You can certainly bring up the topic, and ask if its something she might like to try, but if the answer is no, then the answer is no. If your partner is on board with the idea, you need to offer her information on anal play. Most girls are very hesitant to do anal sex, so they need some convincing. Enjoyment is a different animal. Another great tip when it comes to getting her in the mood for anal sex is to ply her with a little bit of alcohol. The ones that were not were completely opposed - many for religious or cultural reasons.

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If you can guide them, they will often enjoy it, and even be grateful to you that you helped them get over their taboo.

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Why Women Agree To First-Time Anal

Go slow - This is extremely important. It also didn't hurt that he promised to give me an intense back rub afterward. Take time to adjust to it. When it comes to anal sex you don't need to rush things just take it slowly and just start with small toys. If you enjoy anal sex, and so are able not to be painful that is also very important. One of the keys to getting your girl to try anal sex with you involves getting her relaxed and in as good of a mood as possible. Eventually you can move to fingers.

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how to get your girlfriend to have anal sex
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how to get your girlfriend to have anal sex
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