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I felt better than I ever felt befo' I'm, Intoxicated but maintaining self control I, I took a swig I had a jug chug-a-lug I'm loud and clear, I had some bud I lit it up and then I made it disappear, 'Cause my magic tricks are so fabolous, this shits hazardous, got amateurs smokin' cannibus if you mad at this damnit then Chorus: Hip Hop Quotables What does this song mean to you? What's Your Fantasy Remix' feat. Bold Italic Link Add an image new! I take'a, Call to my dog trying to split the blunt and break it up Three wheel motion purple potion I got to shake it up I tried to kick the habit what happen' but it keep callin' me Abracadabra its a magic trick I smoked up all the weed, Zig Zags and golden wraps got my mind gone, Drugs dont effect my work I still get my grind on.

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Ludacris-Act A Fool

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"Screwed Up" lyrics

Roll Out my Buisness Young Jeezy All Ludacris lyrics. Now I stay fresh to death draped in gangsta fits Over twelve million sold I drop gangsta hits Live in mansions and drive around in gangsta whips You swear I'm 'bout to get into some gangsta shit. Welcome 2 Atlanta John Madden Theme 9. Fate Wilson, I, Shawna

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fuck you ludacris lyrics
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fuck you ludacris lyrics
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