Discharge drip vagina no smell

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Seeing white discharge before your period isn't totally random. You may continue to experience vaginal discharge during and after menopause. Clear, watery discharge, however, is rarely a sign of a problem. Suggested medications include topical and oral metronidazole or topical clindamycin. For example, a seven-day vaginal treatment is not the best option for patients with a history of noncompliance.

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Symptoms are worsened by alterations in vaginal pH normal 3.

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What Is Vaginal Discharge?

Watery discharge is usually harmless, but other types of discharge can be a sign of infection. Vaginal discharge can be harmless or deserving of therapy. Watery discharge is a side effect of their built-in cleaning system. You may notice an increase in discharge following sexual intercourse. Black vaginal discharge may look alarming, but it isn't always a reason for concern. Guide to Vaginal Discharge: The vagina contains lactobacilli, which act as vaginal regulators and maintain a healthy acidic environment.

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